Every Looka package lets you make changes to your logo within the first 72 hours of purchase. That means you can edit the colors, fonts, spacing, wording, symbol, and layout directly on your purchased logo during that time. Look above your purchased logo in your account to see how much time you have left to make changes. 

*Always make a copy of your original logo BEFORE you make any changes, so you have it saved to your account.

Follow these instructions to make logo changes during your 72-hour window:

  1. Log in to your Looka account
  2. Click your purchased logo from your Saved logos page or from your menu (company name under Brand)
  3. Click the Edit Logo button just below the preview of your logo
  4. Make changes to your logo in the top menu (See resource links below)
  5. When you’re done, click the arrow in the top left corner BRAND to navigate back to your Brand Dashboard
  6. Under Your Brand Assets, navigate to the tile titled All Logo Files
  7. Under the Preview of your logo, click Download to receive your updated logo files

To make post-purchase logo changes after the 72-hour window, contact us via support@looka.com or through the blue chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner (Note: this is only applicable for Premium or Enterprise packages).

We'll respond as soon as we can during business hours to help you process and re-download your logo changes, as long as it’s for the same company of your original purchase.

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