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Getting started with the website editor
Getting started with the website editor

An overview of how to make changes to your website

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The website editor has three main sections: the top navigation bar, the left panel, and the content area. Each of these predefined sections plays an important role in letting you make your site look the way you want. Let's run through each one!

Top navigation bar

Use the top navigation bar to move between different pages on your site and to view and edit your website on different devices.

Use the drop-down menu beside the Looka logo to select which page you would like to edit. This will take you to that particular page.

Click a device in the top bar to see how your current page looks on that device (desktop, tablet, and mobile). You can also make edits to your website on specific devices (i.e. you'll notice that your website menu is different on mobile devices to account for the smaller screen size)

The navigation bar also has controls to undo or re-do actions in the editor, and preview or publish/republish your site.
โ€‹Note: If you don't have a Brand Kit + Web subscription to publish your website, you'll have to purchase or upgrade to publish your site.

The top navigation bar also has an indicator for when changes in the editor are saved.

Clicking on the info (i) icon also lets you:

  • Access a preview link that you can share with others

  • View your website statistics (once your website is published)

  • Change the language used in your website editor

Left panel

The left panel contains all of the widgets and features you can add to your website.

The left panel also has features to make broad, sweeping changes to the entire site. For example, you can change the color scheme or button design in the Design tab, add new features and widgets with the Widget tab, change your pages' configuration in the Pages tab, and make administrative changes in the Settings tab (for example, changing the site's URL).

Content area

The Content Area is where you can move or add any of our features, or click and edit to make changes to them. The content area allows you to change images, edit text, add/remove buttons, and more.

Adding widgets

The website builder is built from a header, footer, rows, and columns. Every widget you add is inserted into one of these sections.

Widgets often take up the full size of a column or row, making it difficult to select them. To get around this, right-click the widget in the column or row you want to select, hover over the Select Container option, and then select either Column or Row.

Widgets contain the text, images, buttons, and other content of your site.

To add widgets to your site:

  1. In the left panel, click Widgets.

  2. Search for the widget you want, and then drag and drop it into your site.

To delete a widget from your site, right-click anywhere on the widget to open the context menu, and then click Delete. Alternatively, click the red X at the top right corner of the widget.

To arrange widgets side by side, drag a widget onto your site, add a column to the row where that widget has been placed, and then drag another widget into that column. Alternatively, drag the two-column widget onto your site and then drag and drop the widgets into each column.

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