The Pages tab in the left panel allows you to create, reorder, and manage new pages on your website.

Adding new pages

To add new pages to your site:

  1. In the left panel, click Pages and click the + New Page button.

  2. Select a page type (you can preview page types by hovering over them on the left and seeing an example on the right). Page templates are pre-populated with relevant widgets.

    Note: The Page URL page type links the page to another URL instead of creating a new page. Selecting a dynamic page template automatically adds a connected Internal Collection.

  3. Type a title for your new page, and a URL, if necessary.

  4. Click + Add Page and start creating your new page.

Reorganizing pages

To reorganize the order pages display on your site:

  1. In the left panel, click Pages.

  2. Click and drag a page to move it where you want it to appear in order.

  3. Drag a page slightly to the right to nest the page as a sub-page of the page above.

Managing page settings

Access page settings by clicking the settings icon next to each page title (the little wheel).

You have the following options:

  • Rename. Rename the page in the editor (this does not change the page URL).

  • Hide in navigation. Make the page hidden on the navigation menu. It will still be visitable by the direct URL.

  • Duplicate. Creates an exact copy of the page.

  • Lock for Client editing. Lock pages so clients can only view, not edit or delete.

  • SEO. Access all the SEO settings for this page.

  • Set password. Set a password for the page. For more information, see Password Protected Pages.

  • Delete.

For more guidance on managing pages on your website, you can watch this video from our website partner, Duda:

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