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Setting up your custom domain
Setting up your custom domain

Pointing your custom domain to your Looka Website

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With Looka setting up your custom domain doesn't have to be complicated.

**Note** If you don't have a custom domain, or aren't sure if you have a custom domain, click here.

First things first, you want to have your DNS settings open on your domain host's site, and your website tab opened on your Looka site.

Let's begin in your Brand Kit (where all great things begin, am I right?). You want to start by selecting the website tab in your left panel:

Before you can connect your custom domain you have to publish your site. On the publish your site card you want to select the "Go" button:

Once that is done, we can begin setting up your domain.

Beside your new "Site Published" card, you'll find your "Set your domain card":

From there select "Go" on the Set your domain card:

You should see a pop up on your screen, that prompts you to enter your custom domain. Enter in your custom domain and press the blue "save domain" button:

When you've finished your page it should look like this, with your updated domain :

Now that that is done, we are half way there.

From here you want to go to your DNS settings on your domain host website (if you cannot find your DNS settings, please contact your domain host for support).

Your DNS settings should look something like this (No worries if it doesn't look exactly the same, you just want to make sure you have 2 A records and a CNAME, in most cases you can add them yourself, if not, please contact your host for support. Note, if you choose to add them yourself you want to delete any A records or CNAME records that were there as default) :

In your first A record you want to make sure your Host is set to an @ symbol, and that your Target/Destination/Points to* is set to this IP address:

It should look something like this:

Once you have your fields set correctly, save your work.

For your second A record, it is much the same process :) Your Host should be set to an @ symbol and the Target/Destination/Points to* should be set to this IP address:

It should look something like this:

And again, you want to save your work before continuing on.

The final step of the process is to set your CNAME. The fields are the same as the A records, but the inputs are different. For the Host field, you want to input www and for the Target/Destination/Points to* field you want to input this address:

It should look something like this:

Lastly, remember to save your work.

Hooray! Once you've completed all of the steps above, your domain should be pointing to your new Looka website.


1. It can take 24 hours after you complete all the steps above, before your website has connected to your domain, this is standard industry practice.

2. Your SSL security certificate can take up to 30 minutes from the time your domain connects to be valid. If you are still within the 30 minute window, and cannot connect to your site, try entering After the 30 mins you should be able to access the website through the secure link of Note the addition of the S that leads to a secure site.

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