When you purchase a site through Looka, it comes with a default domain.

A custom domain Looks like this:

While a default domain looks like this:

While this default domain is fully functional, it isn't aesthetically pleasing, or the most professional looking domain. To avoid using the default domain provided by Looka, you can choose to purchase a custom domain from a domain provider.

Your custom domain can be anything you like, most companies use their company name as their domain, for example www.Looka.com. If you are your brand, you can also use your own name like Beyoncé, www.beyonce.com.

The first step in finding a domain, is ensuring that the domain is available. You can do this by searching your desired domain on your host site.

Examples of Domain Hosts/Providers:


Looka doesn't currently provide Domain hosting as a service, but we can connect your Website to just about any host on the market.

Once you have your desired domain, you can connect it to your Looka site, by following the steps in this article :)

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