How to download a logo that is not yet purchased:

*Note: If you are looking to know how to download a logo that is already purchased, scroll down to the "Once purchased" section of this page.

It's free to make as many logos as you like, but in order to download your new logo, you will first have to purchase one of our packages. 

To download a logo follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your Saved Logos and click the logo you would like to buy

  2. Click the Buy button in the top right corner

  3. Select your package or subscription

  4. After your purchase has been processed, you'll be able to download your assets right away from our site on the post purchase page that looks like the image below. Just be sure to stick around after your payment goes through, then click Download under the Logo Assets section. Take a look at this article to review how you will receive your assets.
    If you purchased The Brand Kit or Business Cards/ Social Media Kit, you can also use this section to download or edit those assets. 

Once you've purchased:

You can also access your logo at any time after your purchase by clicking on your purchased logo from your account ("view brands) and clicking Download under your Brand Assets on the All Logo Files tile, if you purchase the logo only package.

If you purchased the Brand kit, your screen should look like this (once you select your logo from your saved logos page), you click on the Logo Files tile to download the logo files themselves:

Additionally, we send your logo files via email (this does not include social kit/business cars add ons or Brand kit templates) so you can keep a copy should you need to download it to other computers. If your logo doesn't arrive within 30 minutes, contact us through the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner, or at and we'll make sure it's sent off as soon as we receive your message (during business hours).

*Note: Be sure to download your logo files to a computer first as most mobile devices and tablets are unable to extract .zip files without additional software. Click this article here to learn how to extract your logo files.

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