After purchase, our logo packages are sent as .zip files, which is a way to compress the files and send them all to you in one neat folder.

Once you download the folder, you can easily open and extract your logo files for use. The easiest way to extract your files is on a computer, as some mobile devices cannot download .zip files.

Why do we send the files in .zip format? 

We send .zip files so that all of your logo assets can be sent together, without the fear of losing any clarity or resolution in the process.

To unzip your files, follow the instructions below based on your operating system:


  1. Open the folder where you downloaded your files (this is usually your Downloads folder)

  2. Unzip the folder by double clicking on it

  1. The file will automatically be decompressed(unzipped) by Archive Utility into the same folder the compressed file is in.

  2. Inside, you will find:

    • Getting Started Guide

    • A padded logo

    • Logo files for print and web

    • The SVG is a scalable vector graphic that you can manipulate through Adobe Illustrator.

    • All logos come in various colors and backgrounds.


Option 1

  1. Open the folder where you downloaded your files (this is usually your Downloads folder)

  2. Right-click the file folder containing your logos

  3. In the menu, select Extract all

  4. Select a destination file folder and click Extract

  5. A new folder window will open up with your files fully extracted and ready to use

Option 2

  1. Open the folder where you downloaded your files (this is usually your Downloads folder)

  2. Drag the file folder you would like to open to your desktop

  3. Your computer should automatically extract the files, and you should have access to them

Option 3

In the event that you opened the file directly from your web browser to your Windows computer, follow these steps to extract your files:

  1. In the top menu of your file folder, click Extract all (it looks like a file folder with four squares on top)

  2. Select a destination file folder and click Extract

If you do not have a computer, here are some instructions on how to unzip your files on your mobile device:

iPhone and iPad (iOS 11 and higher):

Before downloading your logo files to your Apple device, be sure to download the latest Files app from the App Store. Learn more about the Files app here.

  1. Download and open your logo to your device and tap Open in Files.

  2. Choose a location for the zip file. You’re saving a copy of the zip file to this location. 

  3. Select a location—like your iCloud Drive or a folder on your iPhone—and tap Add.

  4. Tap the zip file in your Files app to open it.

  5. Tap Preview Content to see the contents of the zip file.

  6. To extract a file from the zip archive, tap the Share button and select Save to Files to save it to your files app, or tap an app to immediately send it to that app.


  1. On your Android device, open Files by Google.

  2. On the bottom, tap Browse.

  3. Navigate to the folder that contains the .zip file you want to de-compress.

  4. Tap the .zip file.

  5. The next screen shows you the content within that file.

  6. Select Extract.

*Note: If you are still unable to extract your logo files, try using this online extractor to download the individual assets:

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