The Brand Kit is a template tool that allows you to make branded materials and assets on command and within minutes. It provides 350+ templates for various business needs, from social files to letterheads, the brand kit offers everything you'll need.

*Note* You can watch a video walk through of our Brand Kit here


The brand kit comes with 3 pricing/plan options:

*Note* The brand kit is on a subscription that is billed annually.

Each brand kit comes with the logo files, what is different about the packages is what accesses you have to certain parts of the brand kit.

The Basic Brand Kit:

In the Basic Brand Kit you're sent a folder with high-resolution copies of your logo in various file formats (SVG, EPS, PDG and PNG) and color variations. This gives you many options for both print and online use, and allows you to easily send files to a designer, printer, or anyone else who needs your logo. Review this article to learn more about these files types.

The color variations you receive are:

  • Color on a colored background
  • Colour on a transparent background
  • Black on a transparent background
  • White on a transparent background

The Basic Brand Kit will give you access to two of the templates within the Brand Kit, the poster and the flyer templates:

The Premium Brand Kit:

Comes with the same file options in the Basic and Pro Brand Kit but unlike the Basic brand kit it comes with the complete use of the Brand Kit. Every template and asset is available to you as long as the subscription is active:

The Pro Brand Kit:

Like the Basic and Premium Brand Kits, the Pro also com es with the logo files mentioned above, and like the Premium brand Kit, it also comes with complete and full use of the Brand Kit templates, however, what sets the Pro Brand Kit apart from it's counter parts is the addition of the website.

The Pro Brand Kit, comes with a subscription to our website partner service with weebly. This gives you the ability to have all of your branding tools (including your website) in one place.

For further questions about our Brand Kits and what they offer, give us a shout at,

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