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How do I get a logo with a transparent background?
How do I get a logo with a transparent background?

Find out if your package includes logos with transparent backgrounds

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How do I get a logo with a transparent/no background?

Images with a transparent background are digital files that have no color information for the background. These files typically come in a PNG image and SVG vector format.

This type of file makes it easier to use when you’re trying to overlay or watermark an image with your logo.

We provide transparent background files with our Brand Kit yearly subscription plans and our Premium Logo Package.

If you have purchased either of these plans, the transparent versions of your logo will be in your Logo Files folder labeled as No Background.

For instructions on how to download your Logo Files folder, please click here.

On some systems, the transparent files may open in the operating system’s default image preview software. This will typically show a default colour of white for the background. Because of this, the White logo no background file may appear blank, as if there is no image at all.

In order to properly use transparent background images, be sure to use an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or a free alternative like Photopea, or simply upload the files to programs that offer a contrasting background, as seen in the images above

*Please Note: We do not provide transparent files with our Basic Logo Package. If you have already purchased the Basic Logo Package, you can upgrade to the Premium Logo Package by paying the difference to get the transparent files that you need. Upgrading to the Brand Kit monthly subscription will not provide transparent files.

Please click here for a guide on how to upgrade your Basic Logo Package

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