With every Premium and Enterprise Package purchase, we include the option to download a Font Pair (one heading font, one body copy font). 

These premium fonts have been strategically paired to complement one another. The Font Pair you choose may not include the fonts used in your logo; however, they're designed to work with the style you've chosen (e.g. Sans Serif, Modern, Vintage, Bubbly, etc.)

Each of these fonts can be used interchangeably for heading or body copy; however, the way you display them can create more emphasis. The example below shows how to use two of the fonts in the Font Pair add-on.

How do I download/install font pairs?

You can download a Font Pair at any time by going into the logo editor and selecting the Font Pair button above your purchased logo.

From there, select the Font Pair that's best suited to you by searching through the font categories in the left panel, then scrolling through the 5 selections per category on the right panel.

When you find a Font Pair you like, simply click the blue Download button. A .zip file should download to your computer. Once you've extracted  it, you'll need to install the files. For more information, review this article on how to install a font.

For additional information on accessing files, please review our article on how to extract a .zip file

Where do I use it?

Using specific fonts for your brand helps you build identity, and brings a more professional and consistent look to all of your customer-facing content.

Use these fonts on:

  • Your website
  • Posters/banners
  • Brochures/menus
  • Social media images/blog posts
  • Company swag/stationary

You're not limited to using these fonts on printed materials like documents. They can also be used to create more personalized social media posts or as the introduction for a blog post like the example below. This example includes an image that is found in our Photo Packs.

*Note: The Font Pair is a free add-on with the Premium and Enterprise packages only. Because the Font Pair is a free add-on to these packages, we cannot refund customers on these items.

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