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How do I edit Brand Kit designs on my mobile device?
How do I edit Brand Kit designs on my mobile device?

Editing designs and using them from your mobile device

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Editing your Brand Kit designs on your mobile device is a little different from editing designs on your computer. We have a much smaller screen to work with!

This article will describe what you can do on your mobile device and what editing you'll need to do on your computer.

Finding an existing design

The easiest way to find a design that you have already created on your computer is from the "Saved Designs" page. To get there, open the "Brand Kit Menu" and tap "Saved Designs"

Navigating to Saved Designs on Mobile

From there, open the design that you'd like to edit by tapping it.

Creating a new design

You can also create a new design on mobile. To do this, navigate to the type of design that you'd like to create, and then tap one of the templates to open the editor.

Creating a new brand kit design on mobile

Editing your design on a mobile device

There are a few different ways you can edit and use your designs on your mobile device. Let's explore them all!

Undoing edits

Before we get into making changes to your designs, let's first see how to undo edits when you need to!

You'll find undo and redo buttons at the top of the design editor. These will appear greyed out until you start making changes. Once you have made changes, you'll see the option to undo that change. Once you've undone a change, you'll see the option to redo it.

Editing Text

You can make basic text edits on mobile, which means changing the content, but not the design or formatting. You also cannot add new text fields to the design.

To edit the content of a text field, tap into the text field. You'll see your mobile keyboard open, which allows you to change the content of the text field. Once you are done editing the text, tap away from the text field to save your edits.

Editing Images

You have several image editing options on mobile, including the ability to reposition an image, resize it, remove it, or replace it with a new image.

To make these changes to an image, start by tapping an image. You should see an "Edit Photo" button at the bottom of the screen. When you tap that, you'll see the image editing options.

Editing images in Brand Kit Designs on a mobile device

Adding background images

You can add a background image to your design or any element within your Brand Kit design.

When you first open a design, you should see a button at the bottom to "Add Background." Tap this button to add a background image for your design.

To add an image to an element within your design, tap into the element that you'd like to add the image to. You should see a button at the bottom to "Add photo"

Adding background images to Brand Kit designs on mobile

Exporting Files

Finally, but maybe most importantly, you can export your designs on your mobile device!

To do this, tap the "Export" button at the top right. You'll see the option to "Download File" or "Email File". If you choose to download the file, you'll have the option to rename the file to make it easier to find on your device and to download it as a .png, .jpg, or .pdf file format.

If you choose to email the file, enter the email addresses that you'd like to send the file to, separated by commas if you'd like to send it to more than one address.

Exporting Brand Kit designs on a mobile device

What you can't do on a mobile device

Some of the more common design editing tasks that you'll need to do on your computer include:

  • Adding and deleting elements (text boxes, shapes, etc.)

  • Editing your text font, size, and color

  • Uploading stock images

  • Posting directly to social media

If you need to make these types of edits, you'll need to edit the design on your computer. For more information on editing Brand Kit designs on your computer, see this article.

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