To use your logo as a letterhead in either a Word document or a Google Doc, follow these instructions.

Microsoft Word:

  1. Click Insert, then on the Insert menu click Header

  2. Choose a style that you'd like to use; we suggest using the blank layout as you are inserting a photo

  3. In the Header menu, click Pictures

  4. Select your PNG file

  5. Resize the image according to your specifications by dragging the circles in the corner of your image

Google Doc:

  1. Save your PNG file to your Google Drive

  2. On a Google Doc, click Insert, then click Header

  3. While in the Header, click Insert again, then click Image

  4. Click on the option to add from your Google Drive

  5. Click on your image, and it will be added into the header. Resize accordingly.

*Note: If you have purchased the Brand Kit with the letterhead template, these templates are fully formed and cannot be added to Microsoft or Google in the same way a simple logo file can.

All edits to the document must be done within the Brand Kit and then exported as a completed file, as after the file is exported it can no longer be edited.

For more information on this please contact our support team:

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