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Using the Invoice Editor
Using the Invoice Editor

How to use the Invoice editor in the brand kit

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Invoices are an integral part to making sure that you as a business owner get paid. For many of us, having a tool that will generate and track invoices is super important, cue in Looka's Invoice editor.

The invoice editor generates, calculates and logs invoices for you, all in one place.

Creating your invoice
Exporting/ Downloading your Invoice
Invoice Dashboard

Creating your invoice:

You can find your invoice by selecting 'Invoices' in the left panel of the brand kit:

Note: It may or may not include the word 'Beta'.

At this time, the Invoice Editor is only available with the purchase of a brand kit. If you don't have the brand kit, or are interested in learning more, click here.

Note: If you don't see Invoices in the main brand kit menu, you will find a different Invoices page under Business Docs. This is our old Invoices page and editor. If you'd like to try the new Invoices editor described in this article, reach out to our team :)

To create a new invoice simply select either the 'Add new' tile or the 'New Invoice' button:

Clicking either of these prompts should bring you to a screen that looks like this, of course with your logo and colours populated:

This is where the fun happens :)

From here you are able to customize your invoice aesthetically, by either sticking with the original invoice template that populates, or selecting a more minimal look with the template to the right.

You can also update the colours from the colour list below. These are colours pulled directly from your logo, in addition to a few complimentary colours that work beautifully with the colours in your logo:

Once you're happy with the look and feel of your invoice, you can add in the information you need to ensure your user/customer/client knows what they're paying for and when they need to make your payment.

The cool thing about this invoice editor is that all of the fields are clickable, which means, you simply need to select any of the page elements, and a field will pop up that lets you input information that is specific to this invoice:

Next, you can update the line items. This will give context to your user/customer/client around what they are paying for and how much they have to pay. You can enter more than one line item, and the system will automatically calculate the total for you (be sure to enter in a quantity or the system will not auto-calculate the totals):

Lastly, you are able to add a discount, either in percentage or in an absolute amount, this can be changed by selecting the cog beside the word discount, or you can hide the discount category by selecting the eye:

You can also input or hide the tax in the same way (except without the choice between percentage or absolute values), this will all be taken into account in the final total:

As a bonus, there is also a notes section at the bottom where you can input any important information relevant to your user/client/customer.

Exporting/Downloading your invoice:

Once you're happy with your invoice it's time to export it and send it to your user/client/customer.

From the editor, you either want to select, 'Download PDF' or 'More Options'. 'Download Pdf' will auto export your file to your computer. The 'More Options' drop down will allow you to Download, Duplicate, Print or Delete your logo:

Invoice Dashboard

When you're done with your new invoice you can close the page. Your invoice dashboard should still be open and your page will look something like this (depending on how many invoices you've created ( if you are not seeing your new invoice, simply refresh the page and it should appear):

By selecting the 3 vertical dots to the right of an invoice you will have the option to edit, download, duplicate, print, and delete the invoice. The invoices will appear in the order they were created, descending from oldest to newest.

If you have any questions about invoices give us a shout at [email protected] :)

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