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How do I purchase and manage a domain?
How do I purchase and manage a domain?

Getting a website domain with Looka

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If you’ve purchased a Brand Kit or Brand Kit + Web subscription, you’re now able to search and buy a domain through Looka.

(If you bought a logo-only package, you can still search for domains, but you’ll need to upgrade to a Brand Kit to purchase a domain.)

Searching for and buying domains

Click the Domains section of your Brand Kit. Use the search bar to look for domains. You’ll see available domains with your search term and related search terms.

When you’re ready to purchase, click Get it and you’ll be taken to a checkout screen to confirm your subscription.

All domain subscriptions are charged on an annual basis and will auto-renew unless you click "turn off auto-renew" (more on that below). Please note we do not offer multi-year subscriptions or refunds on domains. You’ll receive subscription receipts from Stripe.

Managing your domain subscription and editing DNS records

After purchase, you can manage your domain subscription through the Domains tab in your Brand Kit. This tab will show the purchased domain, along with its auto-renew status and expiry date. All your owner information will be private.

You cannot cancel your domain, but can easily turn off the “auto-renew” option and you won’t be billed again for the next year (in other words, your domain will expire).

If you want to cancel your domain, please do so before the auto-renew date; if you leave auto-renew on and are charged again, we cannot issue a refund.

If you want to view or edit the DNS records, click Show Advanced. These records will be pre-filled with your Brand Kit website.

Click the edit icon on the right side to open an editing view for a particular DNS record. Click Save Changes to apply changes. (You can delete a record from here using the trash icon, but there is no undo — so please be careful!)

Transferring an existing domain to Looka

If you want to transfer an existing domain through another service over to Looka, please contact our CS team at [email protected] to see if it’s possible. They'll likely be able to do the transfer for you manually.

Note: Users can still use domains purchased outside of Looka and use them with Brand Kit Web or standalone websites.

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