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How do I duplicate a Brand Kit design?
How do I duplicate a Brand Kit design?

Ways you can reuse designs like posters, social posts, or presentations

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While we don't currently have a "duplicate" function for Brand Kit designs, there are a two ways you can reuse or duplicate designs.

Option 1: Clone your design in the editor, then export only the page you need.

This option works best for single or double-page designs like social posts, posters, invoices, etc.

  1. Click the design you want to reuse (e.g. a poster) from your Saved designs tab.

  2. In the Brand Kit editor, click the Clone page icon in the bottom right corner of the design.

  3. You'll now see two copies of the same design. Go into Page 1 and make modifications to the design; for example, changing the copy and images.

  4. When you're ready to download your design, click Export. In the Pages drop-down, select only the new page you've customized (e.g. Page 1) to export.

    You can go back and clone pages anytime you need to reuse the design.

Option 2: Go back and edit the same design every time you need to change it.

If you've customized a design and want to use it again, but with different text and images, go to the Saved designs tab in the category you created in (e.g. posters), click the design, and go back in the editor to rework your design. Your changes will save automatically.

*Note: If you go this route, always be sure you've exported and downloaded your original design, as the original won't be saved.*

This option works best for multi-page designs like presentations. For example, say you're a fitness instructor who creates personalized plans for your clients. You could have a standard template that you customize and then each time you need to create a new one, you'd click that design in Saved designs and change the content to serve the client you're working with.

Learn more about duplicating designs in our Brand Kit webinar (starts at 26:53):

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