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Why won't my payment go through?
Why won't my payment go through?
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Credit card

When trying to purchase a logo, you may encounter an error of your payment not going through. The primary reason for this is that your bank has declined the payment because: 

  • Your bank is registered to a country outside of Canada (where Looka is based)

  • You have insufficient funds on your credit card, or your card limit has been reached

  • You are using an unsupported card (ex. Discovery Card)

If your bank is registered outside of Canada, it will often automatically decline your payment to Looka as they see it as suspicious account activity. 

If this happens, you want to contact your bank and ask them to "whitelist" Looka payments. If you want to confirm the reason for the payment issue, you can contact our Customer Success Team at [email protected]. When reaching out please provide the last 4 digits of the credit card number you are attempting to use and the date/time you are trying to process the payment. We can look in our payment gateway to see if there is a transaction with information about why it was not processed.

Should you require your logo assets right away, you can use PayPal to check out for more security.


If you're attempting to check out with PayPal and are not prompted to enter your account information, be sure to check that your pop-ups are disabled for our website, to allow the PayPal sign-in window to open.

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