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How do I save my logos?
How do I save my logos?
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Looka automatically saves your logos and autosaves any design customizations you make to your account. The logos remain there indefinitely.
​If you haven't signed up (free) and have created your logo as a guest, sign up and create an account to save all of your logos.
We have a popup to help you sign up:

If you have already bypassed that screen without signing up you can sign up directly from the editor at the top right-hand corner:

To save a logo follow these steps:

  1. Completed the logo generator process. Click on a logo you like, you will be taken to the Logo Editor

  2. You'll see a little red number appear in the top left corner on top of "Saved Logos"

  3. Alternatively, you can hover over the logo and select the Heart symbol in the bottom right of that particular logo

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