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Do I get more than one logo with my purchase?
Do I get more than one logo with my purchase?

Is it just the one logo with my purchase or can I make more?

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Each logo purchase — whether you buy a logo-only package or a Brand Kit subscription — is for one brand. If you have sub-brands with different names, you need to make a separate purchase for each brand name.

If you have one brand with different categories, it's possible to only make one logo purchase if the main brand name stays the same and the sub-category can be added to the slogan. This would prevent you from having to purchase more than one logo.

For example, you could have both of these logos under one purchase because the core brand is CocoStyle:

However, this name change would require a separate logo purchase because the company changes to "Coco Closet."

If you aren't sure whether your particular needs can be met with one purchase or multiple purchases, please contact our customer success department at [email protected].

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