The question around whether to purchase The Brand Kit of the logo only package is a great one and really can only be answered by you :)

The difference between the two lies in the Brand Kit itself, as the Brand Kit is what requires the subscription.

The Logo only packages Premium and Enterprise) come with everything that you need to be successful in your business/project. The work best with people who are familiar in file resizing and editing, or someone who plans to get their logo further customized with a graphic designer off platform. If you know your way around vectors and pngs the Logo only packages are for you as they are the stripped down version of the brand kit.

You can manipulate the files in the Logo Only packages (Premium and Enterprise) to meet all of your needs, they can be used for billboards, social feeds, business cards, car and shop signage.

For more information on the Logo Only Packages, click here.

The Brand Kits on the other hand , are the one stop shop for people who aren't super file savvy or just don't want to spend the hours creating documents from scratch. The Brand Kit is a templated system, that puts your logo into Branded Assets so that you don't have to.

For example, if you wanted to create a Flyer with the Logo only package you would need to create the flyer from beginning to end and then upload your logo to the document, with the Brand Kit the document is already created for you, and is waiting for you to add a few of your own personal touches to make it perfect.

To learn more about our brand kit offerings you can click here.

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