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How do I add a logo or Brand Kit email signature to my Gmail email signature?
How do I add a logo or Brand Kit email signature to my Gmail email signature?

Adding your logo or Brand Kit email signature to your Gmail signature.

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You designed your logo and you've purchased it. For some of you, you've taken your branding an extra step further and you've subscribed to our Brand Kit.
Now you want to know how to actually get your logo or your Brand Kit Email Signature into your Gmail signature.
We are here to help! :)

Uploading an image:

  1. You want to have available the png logo file on your computer or Google Drive. If google is your email host the most efficient way get your logo in your signature is to upload the file (png) right onto the platform and resize in the gmail application.

  2. You want to start in your gmail account, open the settings menu by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of your app.

3. Then you want to click "See All Settings" and scroll down to the email signature section.

4. The orange arrow in the picture above shows the "image" button. You want to select that button and go to the folder in your computer where the logo file lives and upload that file to your signature. You can either drag the image into the search area, or us the "select file from your device" button to search for and find the logo file on your computer. Remember you want the png file or the email signature file from your social kit.

There is also the option to link your logo to your email signature :)

This can be done if you are storing your logo on your web host server or a drive that provides your logo with a url link.
In this case you would copy the url link for the image/logo and then paste it in the url field *Note* You can find this field by following the steps above but instead of upload you would want to select the web address button instead 😊

5. From there, once the logo is showing in your signature, you can adjust the size in the signature editing field.
6. Once the logo is in and sized, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Save changes"

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