You've created your gorgeous logo and subscribed to our Brand Kit. Now you want to know "How do I actually use my Brand Kit email signature?"

First things first, you want to access the Brand Kit. You can do this by selecting your purchased logo from your saved logo section on your account and taking it to the editor by selecting "edit" :)

In the editor you will then select the "Brand Kit" tab at the top of your screen.

Once in the brand kit, select the "Email Signatures" option:

Yay! You did it.

In the email signatures section of the Brand Kit, you'll find a bunch of layouts for email signature to pick from. You want to pick one that works best for your brand :)

Once you've found a layout that works best for you, you want to update your company info. One of the very cool features of the Brand Kit, is that you will only need to fill this information out once, we will do the work of applying it to all of your layouts for you :)

Once you click that, a form will pop up. This is where you enter all of your brand info, we even have the option of adding your social channels down below:)

Now that you've filled it out, press that big blue update button down below and your layout options will all populate with the info you need :)

Awesome! Now that you have your logo and the information you need so that people know how to reach you, its time to "Get this signature".

Pushing that button will copy your layout to your computer's clip board, you will then paste it into your email host's signature settings :)

Getting the Brand Kit Email Signature into your email:

Once you have the Bran Kit email signature copied, pasting it into your email signature is the next step. This process is as simple as just pasting the newly copied signature into the signature settings of your account.


Start by selecting the settings gear in the top right hand section of your Gmail account.

Once that is done you want to select the "See all settings" button:

In the email settings, you want to scroll down to the signature section, and make sure your signature box is empty ( you don't want any text in there):

Now it's time to place your beautiful new signature. Paste your just copied email signature into the text box. ( Pasting can either be done by right clicking and selecting paste, or pressing ctrl+v on a pc or command+v on a mac)

After you've successfully pasted the signature into the text box, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press "save changes" .

Yay! Awesome.

Now take a look at your new email signature in action!

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