The Looka AI logo editor follows some design principles to help you create a beautifully designed logo - with no design experience.

One of the major rules is only allowing one symbol per logo design. The reason for this is to maintain a visual hierarchy in your logo design. Having multiple competing elements takes away from the main message of your design/company.

Take the example below, this logo has too many elements in it, which detracts from the message the logo is trying to portray. It makes the logo appear busy.

Simplicity is key when designing a logo, so your brand can stand out on its own. 

Having multiple symbols can also make the rest of your design harder to read/see when at a smaller scale.

What is visual hierarchy? 

Visual hierarchy directs viewers to the most essential information on a page using graphic design elements like color, size, and alignment to organize and prioritize content.

These rules help create an impactful design, without using too many elements to convey your message.

Is there a way to get more than one symbol?

If you're still looking to have multiple symbols in your logo, Looka's database includes some symbols that have multiple visual elements in them.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any way to upload or customize a logo beyond what is available in our logo editor.

Please note, we do have the ability to add a symbol to the company name, by replacing a letter with a symbol, this will allow you to have two symbols in one logo.

You can find out more about that here.

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