If you require additional assets that each package does not offer, you have the option to purchase extra files. You can purchase them during your normal logo check out, or at any time afterwards. Take a look at this article for additional information on our add-ons.

Purchasing add-ons during check out

  1. Click the logo you would like to buy in your Saved logos
  2. Click Buy in the top right corner
  3. Select the package you would like to receive (Basic, Premium, or Enterprise) and click Continue
  4. Depending on the package you selected, you will see different add-ons
  5. Select the add-ons you would like, then click Continue to checkout
  6. Check out with your add-ons and logo

Purchasing Add-ons after you buy a logo

  1. Click on your purchased logo in your Saved logos
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your Brand page, to the section titled Design Add-ons
  3. Select an add-on you would like, then click Purchase
  4. On the Add-Ons page, select any additional add-ons you may want, then click Continue to checkout
  5. Check out with your add-ons, you will only have to pay for the extras you added on, instead of your entire logo again

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