You can contact us several different ways to get your questions answered. First off it's important to note that response times vary by time of day and our volume. Our support hours are from Monday to Friday, 9AM - 5PM GMT -5 (that's EST if you live in North America) with the fastest response times between 10AM - 5PM.

Online Chat

The easiest and quickest way to get help is to chat with us being clicking that little blue button in the bottom right corner of our website.

Our average response time through chat is between 5 - 7 minutes so if we don't get to you right away just leave the window open and you'll hear a small noise from your browser when we reply. If you're on mobile just check back on your phone.


Our email is actually directly connected to our online chat, so if you don't need help right away or can't wait around just send us a message at Our response time is about the same as our chat, 5 - 7 minutes, but you can reply at your own convenience through your email. 

Phone call

It's always important to be able to talk to some one when you're really stuck and you can always call us during our support hours. Just note phone calls can take a lot of time and so our response time isn't always as fast by phone. You're more likely to get a quicker response from our chat or email services. We also have great help documents if you need an answer sooner, just try searching around at by typing a few key phrases about your question like:

Is this logo free?
How do you download a zip file?
I made a mistake, can I fix it?

If you're really stuck you can always call us at 1 888-966-0917.

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