If you need extra time with a designer to finish your logo, click your purchased logo from within your Looka account. In the top right-hand corner, click Purchase Add-Ons to purchase an extra hour with one of our designers. If you are unsure if our designer can make your specific change, please email details of your changes support@looka.com before purchasing the Design Time add-on.

For additional information review this article on how to purchase add-ons with your packages.

Remember: The more information you provide about your business, the faster we’ll be able to make the appropriate changes to your logo!

Sample information you can provide the designer to make your time more effective:

  • Your Company: what your business does
  • Logo Vibe: emotion(s) you're trying to evoke through your logo
  • Logo Changes: any specific changes you have in mind to the existing logo you purchased
  • Logo Examples: images of existing logos you like, or samples of design elements you want to be included
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