With our Premium and Enterprise packages, we allow send you a getting_started_guide.html file that lists the names of the fonts as well as your color information. (We do not send the font and color information with the Basic package).


While we don’t provide font files (TTF or OTF) with your logo package, we give you the names of the fonts used so you can search online and purchase the license to use them on other marketing materials, such as your website, stationery, or signage. However, we are unable to disclose the font names prior to purchasing.


We do not send our logo colour details in RGB, Pantone, or CMYK, as we send them in hex colour values. However you can use the following websites to convert them:

Please be aware that when converting to RGB, Pantone and CMYK from hex, they will not be exact. The reason being is because hex colour values have a wider range than RGB, Pantone and CMYK.  Hex colour values are used for displays that can produce more colours than traditional printing for RGB, Pantone, and CMYK.

To access the getting_started_guide.html document:

  1. Download your Premium or Enterprise logo package from your Looka account or download email.
  2. Open the folder containing your logo.
  3. In the folder you will see the following files: Logo Files, Social Media Assets, a padded_logo version of your logo, and the getting_started_guide.html file.
  4. Select the getting_started_guide.html file, this will open a web page in your browser which will reveal the color and font details of your logo.
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