With the Premium package (not to be confused with the Premium Brand Kit), under the one time payment option your logo can be used to meet all your business needs -- business cards, billboards, websites, social media, stickers, large storefront signs, and much more!

When you purchase this package, you're sent a folder with high-resolution copies of your logo in various file formats (SVG, EPS, PDG and PNG) and color variations. This gives you many options for both print and online use, and allows you to easily send files to a designer, printer, or anyone else who needs your logo. Review this article to learn more about these files types.

The color variations you receive are:

  • Color on a colored background

  • Colour on a transparent background

  • Black on a transparent background

  • White on a transparent background

Click here to download a sample of the Premium package.

Finally, the Premium package allows you to make changes and re-download them for free. You can make unlimited changes with your Premium logo package, including changes to your color, font, spacing, wording, symbol and layout.

The text and layout of the logo/company "Name" field, cannot be edited after purchase.

For questions or concerns please contact support: spport@looka.com

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