If you have purchased the Brand Guideline document as an add-on with the Basic or Premium package, or you have purchased the Enterprise package, you can activate your Brand Guideline with the following steps:

  1. Click on your purchased logo from your Saved logos page.
  2. Below your logo navigate to the heading Your Brand Assets, 
  3. Select View under the Brand Guidelines tile, and create a unique URL in order to see your branding information
  4. Enter in your customized name next to the initial URL, in the example below, we used writesomethinghere to indicate where to enter the information. 
  5. Once your custom URL ending has been confirmed, click Continue (Note: try to enter in something unique as many other users may have already used Coffee House as their URL ending.)
  6. Your Brand Guideline should be generated, just click the link to go to your document.
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